The Politics

Voting is by definition a political act, but rarely has the voting booth been as politicized as it is today. Conservative groups are galvanizing to send observers to polling place and have lobbied states for new, restrictive voting measures. And some secretaries of state are promoting partisan policies. It could all add up to one of the most contentious presidential elections in year.

Voter ID Laws Draw Strong Support Despite Low Awareness

A Washington Post poll shows strong support for voter ID laws, even though voters are not widely informed of the impact of the laws.

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Flurry of Photo ID Laws Tied to Conservative Washington Group

A News21 analysis finds that more than half of the state bills proposing photo IDs came from members or conference attendees of the conservative, pro-business American Legislative Exchange Council.

Secretaries of State Lead Charge for Strict Voter Requirements

Activist and partisan state election officers are changing a traditionally non-partisan job.

Voters Feel Intimidated by Election Observers

A Texas-based Tea Party initiative called True the Vote trains and dispatches observers to polling places, prompting concerns that minority voters are being intimidated.